My Obligatory Comments on Superbowl Ads If you're not already sick to death of hearing about the Superbowl ads, maybe this blog will do it for you. It's after 5:00 on Monday, so I must be one of the last people with a blog who's taking time to weigh in on the subject. I loved the Dove commercial. It was a wonderful surprise and break from the typical "let's make 'em laugh" approach. If the point of spending millions on that one Sunday a year is to be memorable, Unilever certainly did it for me. As the mother of two daughters, I so appreciated the boldness of doing such a straightforward, thoughtful ad at a time when so many eyes were glued to the TV. As for enjoyable ads, I loved the Bud Lite rooftop commercial. It was very clever and a great way to connect with women in the audience. We've always suspected you guys were "up to something." To take the phrase so literally (and metaphorically) was brilliant. I also laughed out loud at the Sprint ad in which the guy tells his friend his phone is a crime deterrent. I loved how unexpected and clever the ad was. And, although I'm a loyal drinker of all things Coke-related (I am a huge, huge fan of Coke Zero in particular), I confess I thought the Pepsi ads were clever. What all these ads had in common was they were relevant in some way to the vieweing audience unlike ads that seemed to be created for the sole purpose of showing us how clever the ad agency was. (The Burger King ad was one of the worst I've ever seen. FedEx made me smile, but I didn't connect with it in any way.) The one thing that fascinated me most about this year's Super Bowl, though, was that the ads got as much media coverage as the game. Today people are downloading their favorite commercials and sharing them on their iPods. Wow. These would be the same people who bought Tivo to AVOID ads! Incredible. Even the Wall Street Journal carried a page online that let readers vote for their favorite ads at http://online.wsj.com/article/SB113898059693064472.html?mod=todays_us_marketplace Pay attention to this new trend toward ads becoming true entertainment. You'll see this continue, showing up on your cellphone, attached to movies you download from iTunes,you name it. As long as the advertisers can make the ads seem relevant (by making them very targeted) people won't mind, and in fact, may even begin to look forward to seeing ads. Wouldn't that just be a kick in the pants!


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