Aprons Become a Fashion Accessory (Not In MY Kitchen!) I laughed out loud when I saw today's Wall Street Journal story about how aprons are making a comeback. When I was a kid, my grandmother, who lived with us, made her own aprons and wore one daily while she fried chicken or made dumplings. She was rarely apron-less. It was the perfect utilitarian garment. Boy, would Grandma spin in her grave if she saw today's newest kitchen couture. Apparently, the new rage is "sexy," body-hugging lacy fashion statements that one woman said she likes to wear to the mailbox because it invites honking from passing cars. Clearly, the women wearing these faux halter dresses aren't as interested in cooking as they are in entertaining. That's probably why the designers have yet to break into mainstream stores. Or maybe it's because the new aprons cost $42 to $62. I know that whenever I have that kind of extra money, I head straight to a restaurant so somebody else can wear an apron and wait on me hand and foot. In fact, I don't even own an apron. Never needed one. Nothing in the "three ingredient cookbook" I regularly follow splatters. Still, I have to admit I think it's pure genius to market aprons to people who rarely cook. Finally! An answer to that nagging issue of what to wear while sipping wine and watching cooking shows hosted by people who graduated from the Extreme Makeover shows on neighboring channels. On the surface, the whole idea may seem almost ridiculous. It's not. It's a great example of creating a new trend by tailgating on other trends. Over the past few years, gourmet kitchens have been a must-have in new homes. Cooking shows are hugely popular. It makes perfect sense to extend the trend to what one wears in a gourmet kitchen. Now, aprons are relevant again, at least to the upper crust, so to speak. Think about your business. With some strategic thinking, perhaps there's a trend in your industry you can capitalize on. Don't immediately discard ideas as too silly or unmarketable. And don't forget to look for the little things. (People who order double ovens in their kitchens don't think twice about expensive aprons.) Consider spending a day just brainstorming and be absolutely outrageous. Maybe the next Wall Street Journal trend piece will be about your idea!


At August 14, 2005 9:16 AM, Anonymous Christopher said...

Nothing says class like a "KISS THE COOK" apron.

At October 01, 2005 5:44 PM, Blogger JMC designs said...

What is even funnier is that I create one of a kind Art Aprons to be worn as a accessory.


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